Dating a pocket watch

I am assuming the main reason for this is there are quite a lot of fake or imitation watches on the market place.

Certain individuals then try to sell these off as being the genuine article.

The Adjustment of a watch is the manipulation of the balance, its spring and staff for the purpose of improving the time-keeping qualities of a watch.

Three adjustments are usually employed for this purpose, viz: postions, isochronism and compensation. The fusee is a spiral grooved cone, used to equalize the power of the mainspring.

The simplest way to identify an Elgin watch is first to understand that the Elgin production dates were between 18 so anything that is dated outside this range would not have been made or produced by Elgin.

For the purposes of easy identification my advice is to ignore the serial number that you will find on the case.

Where else could you buy an 80 year old watch and be GUARANTEED it will run like it did the day it was made?

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