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But, traveling with your mate can also be an enriching experience that brings the two of you closer.

Here are some tips for traveling with your significant other, whether you’re planning your first trip together or have been exploring the world as a couple for some time.

"If we break up before that — which I don't think will happen — I'm sure things will be amicable enough that I'll go through with the vacation. Worst-case scenario, I lose some money on the ticket."His temerity stunned me, but he's a lawyer, so he does make a ton more money than I do. When I asked him to go with me, we hadn't been dating long ourselves.

"She and I get along well, and I like her friends, too," he said.

What would you do, for example, if your partner had a food poisoning?

Will you stay calm and take care of him/her while he/she pukes his/her guts out?

Holidaying is undoubtedly a test of a relationship, and dating coach Madeleine Mason believes it’s an important one to take before moving in with your partner.And experts agree with the findings: “[A getaway is] romantic, and will allow them to escape to a place where the usual distractions of life aren't embedded in their surroundings,” psychologist and relationship expert Antonia Hall told Bravo TV.“There’s no better way to really get to know someone than to travel with them,” she says.That’s not always easy, as you can imagine: your body has to adapt to different environments and at the same time you have to take your partner and his/her feelings into consideration.Just starting your journey is mostly not the best way and can imply many problems and inconvenience.

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