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Billboards across Moscow advertising a women's magazine are raising female consciousness by asking Russia's fairer sex: "Are you ready to pay half to be independent?

A lot of my friends have a certain impression about Russian women; they imagine that all those women look same as Anna Kournikova, who is very popular in my country- a beautiful petite blonde with blue eyes. Russian women are sexy, they have temper who are very much pro the traditional family condition of the family, in which man is the head of the family, and woman is the person who keeps the home cozy.The extravagant jewellery, furs and cars that oligarchs dole out to their women are the stuff of legend but the philosophy – if not the scale – is the same among ordinary Russians."I find Russian women to be a bit like Tamagotchi," says one British expatriate who moved to Moscow a year ago and has enjoyed playing Casanova in the city.I've come to the conclusion that dating is much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.You have an idea of what you want to build, and so you set about choosing the perfect picture.

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