Kim min hee dating

During an interview, Jo In Sung had stated that he should start to care about his own personal love life and that he was looking for someone that would be able to take care of an immature man like himself.

Wow..a new couple is revealed today, Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee!!!

According to an exclusive report by TV Report, actress Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soo are involved in an affair.

The pair met while working on the film “Right Now, Wrong Then” which was released in 2015.

Both actors originally were friends since they worked together when they’re both the ambassadors for “ONG” wear brand in 2001.

At the news of Gong Hyo Jin\'s breakup, Jo In Sung’s agency cleared up any potential rumors by stating that the actor\'s relationship with Kim Min Hee is still going strong despite their busy schedules.

He also has a daughter who is a university student.

The report claims that Hong Sang Soo left his family and informed his wife and daughter about his relationship with Kim Min Hee last September. It appears as though their relationship is well-known amongst film industry insiders.

Actress Kim Min Hee (34) and director Hong Sang Soo (54) are reportedly dating, according to TV Report, which would be whatever except for the fact that Hong Sang Soo has been married for over 30 years.

The two, of course, reportedly met while working together in 2015 on the film “Right Now Wrong Then“, and that’s the origin of the affair.

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