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Many times, users click the edit button and then click, in the edit template, a button called 'Save and Close'. To simplify this process, users want to, in the item template, be able to click save instead of edit that immediately does the same thing as 'Save and Close' button when an item is being edited.The save and close button in the edit template has a command name of 'Update' and a command argument of 'Close'. Event Args' does not contain a definition for ' Item' and no extension method ' Item' accepting a first argument of type ' System.I am having a problem that I just can't seem to figure out.Once the content is finalized, it is retained in the ...

I am currently working on Share Point Online and the requirement is to copy a particular document from one document library to another document library. Ideally this would be dependent on the administrator filling a column with certain ...

Then, in my Item Command delegate method I do the following: When I do this, I debug and add a watch of Activity List View.

event is raised when a button within the Form View control is clicked.

Net 2.x and NET 3.5 this command can perform automatic insert operation and close the insert item.

Their Command Name should be set to 'Sort' and Command Argument must match the name of the underlying source field to be sorted (for example Contact Name for Customers Northwind table). See also: Rad Data Pager Overview Represents the Change Page Size command name. Their Command Name should be set to 'Change Page Size' and Command Argument must be the actual number representing the new page size that will be set.

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