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Despite maintaining a very low level of activity since its last eruption in 1801, Hualālai is still considered active, and is expected to erupt again some time within the next century.) But if nothing else, I am me; wholly and truthfully. | GOOD ATTITUDE / ONE GOOD STEP AT A TIME / ALL AT A GOOD PACE.My middle name stands for Honesty, and it's something I do my best to live by in every respect; Being honest both to myself AND others respectively... POSITIVELY CHARGED: UNDERSTANDING, APPRECIATION, RESPECT, HONOR, & LOVE... PHYSICALLY/BODY, MENTALLY/SOUL, AND EMOTIONALLY/SPIRIT... | UNDERSTAND / APPRECIATE / RESPECT / HONOR / LOVE.The relative unpreparedness of the residents in the area caused by the lull in activity would worsen the consequences of such an event.The area near the volcano has been inhabited for centuries by Hawaiian natives, dating back to before recorded history.

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